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Local psych garage band Grocery Bag serves up mosh rock they’ve mastered live on debut album ‘Break You’

"Break You feels distinctly created in Austin, juggling psych with the extremities of hardcore and punk music. The album doesn’t give listeners a chance to catch their breath, and keeps it relatively brief at 27 minutes, but that’s all it needs to pack in all the riffs and drum fills it wants. On their first LP, Grocery Bag knows what they want their style to be and executes it in expert fashion. 4 head-banging mosh pits out of 5"

-Rob Paine (The Daily Texan)

Psych Punks Grocery Bag Shred Through Debut Break You

"Break You hammers breakneck punk riffs at some moments and indulges in glam rock showmanship at others."

-Carys Anderson (The Austin Chronicle)

Grocery Bag, “Alone”

"With a steady bombardment of laserlike fretwork ricocheting in all directions, Grocery Bag's debut single packs enough punch... Released just under a year after their live debut, "Alone" delivers a barrage of in-your-face drum fills, gritty yet blazing guitars, and fuzzy, reverberating vocals... Never slowing down, the foursome's pairing of grungy angst and psychedelic resonance forms a meteoric track fit for an extraterrestrial-inspired running playlist."  


– Wayne Lim (The Austin Chronicle)

Neo-psych lives on through the generations: A deep dive into the psych-punk antics of Grocery Bag

"For fans of the Austin indie scene, there is always an endless list of bands to see on any given night. With Grocery Bag starting to pop up on bills all over town, fans can begin to see that the psychedelic sound is more widespread than one would think."


– Chase Cockrell (The Cosmic Clash)

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